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Mindset Empowerment

Through our mindset empowerment, individuals develop resilience, creativity, and a belief in their ability to learn and grow.

Elite Empowerment

Our elite empowerment provides individuals with resources for excellence, leadership, and a commitment to continuous growth.

Community Empowerment

Our community empowerment harnesses the collective strength of communities to drive positive change and empower individuals.

about us

Solving problems, Empowering people

I am Asuni “LadyZeal” Abiola, a highly-experienced mentor and trainer specializing in empowering underachievers.

With nearly a decade of dedicated work in this field, I proudly serve as the CEO of Sharzelos Limited and am the author of “Those Students Need You: Insights for Empowering Underachieving Students and Students who Have Personal Issues that are affecting their Achievements in School”.

My primary focus is on helping both children and adults who find themselves grappling with success and fulfilment in their studies, career, or business, often feeling neglected or abandoned by those around them.

Throughout my journey, I’ve had the privilege of training and mentoring hundreds of individuals classified as underachievers. Beyond that, I’ve served as a development consultant for schools, parents, and well-wishers.

what we offer

Empowerment Services

Overall, our focus on empowerment translates into tangible offerings that empower individuals to take control of their lives, pursue their passions, and achieve success and fulfilment in all areas.


Guidance and support

We offer personalized guidance and support to individuals seeking to overcome challenges, set goals, and navigate their personal and professional journeys with confidence and clarity.


Mentorship and coaching

Through one-on-one mentorship and coaching sessions, we provide valuable insights, strategies, and accountability to help individuals unlock their potential and achieve their goals.


Empowerment workshops

We conduct workshops and trainings focused on personal and professional development, providing participants with practical tools and strategies to thrive in all areas of their lives.

Ignite your inner fire and soar to new heights

Are you feeling stuck in a rut, longing for something more, but unsure of where to start? It’s time to ignite your inner fire and embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Embrace possibility and pursue your dreams

In a world filled with endless opportunities, it’s time to embrace possibility and pursue your dreams with unwavering determination and passion.

Each day brings new chances for growth, success, and fulfilment – all you need to do is take that first step towards the life you’ve always imagined.


Our Projects

Our projects align with my expertise and passion for empowering underachievers and have the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of individuals struggling with success and fulfilment in their studies, career, or business. By leveraging my experience and knowledge, i create valuable resources and opportunities for growth and transformation within my community.

The “More Than a Teacher” Program

Unlike most teachers who teach in a conventional classroom setting, i choose to be much more -a teacher that does much more than teach! I am on a mission to reshape the role of teachers and revolutionize how we teach and thrive. In my innovative courses, i teach rapid learning, growth mindset, student empowerment, and reversing underachievement. I invite you to learn my secrets. Join me; there is a lot to be, do and have as a teacher!

Success Mindset Mentoring Workshops

Are you tired of feeling stuck and unfulfilled in your academic or professional pursuits? Do you struggle to reach your full potential despite your best efforts? It’s time to break free from limitations and unlock your inner greatness with Success Mindset Mentoring- a transformative workshop designed to help underachievers unleash their true potential and achieve unprecedented levels of success. These workshops could be conducted in partnership with parents, schools, community organizations, or businesses, and could be offered as standalone events or as part of larger training programs.

Empowerment Retreat for Educators

Designed to reignite their passion for teaching and equip them with cutting-edge strategies for student success, this retreat will inspire attendees with stories of triumph and provide invaluable insights into innovative teaching methods and strategies. Participants have ample opportunities to network and collaborate with like-minded peers, sharing best practices, ideas, and resources. By empowering teachers to make a positive impact in the lives of their students and fostering a culture of excellence and innovation in education, this retreat is designed to transform the future of learning.

Mrs Fatima, Parent, Lokoja

“My child who is an energy drainer is being helped through directions to attain her potential”


Feedback from our clients

Mr Emmanuel Ogabidu, Teacher, Abuja

“The fruit basket model is a great tool for teachers especially as it will help them x-ray a child’s challenge and also give them the tools to help the child overcome or handle same”

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Support us in our mission to empower educators and underachievers alike, and together, we can create a brighter future for education and personal growth.

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