A Child’s Mind, Learning Disabilities and Underachievement

Understanding Underachievement
The mind is the thinking part of your brain. It is the mind that coordinates understanding, skills building, concentration, ideas and problem solving, making friends, motor coordination and so on. Building a child’s mind thus is important.
If the mind does all these, what does the brain do? The brain controls our motor coordination and reflexes. It controls the heart and every other organ. It controls all our body function. The mind is an important part of the brain.

Weaknesses in a child’s mind is what is called learning disorders or learning disabilities. When a child has learning disabilities, his mind is unable to coordinate certain kinds of work that a mind should do. But it does not mean that the child is unintelligent or unmotivated to learn.

Underachievement is a term that expresses a child’s inability to do work in line with his potential. It is caused by two factors:
1. Emotional and Motivational factors
2. Strategies related with learning
A child with learning disabilities may be become an underachiever when it affects his motivation and when he is not provided with adequate aid from a response team.

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