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Almost a decade experience in Mentoring and Training Underachieving Persons

Hi, I am Asuni LadyZeal, an underachieving person mentor and trainer.

For some children and adults, success and fulfillment in their studies career or business sometimes seems impossible. And to top it all, people around them – teachers, friends, colleagues and at times parents dehumanize, neglect and abandon them to their fate. These are the kinds of people I serve and according to Wikipedia, they are called underachievers.

Since 2016, I have worked as a mentor and trainer to hundreds of such individuals and as a potential development consultant, to schools, parents and well-wishers.

I am a professional mentor and career coach and an alumnus of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho and The National Teachers’ Institute,Kaduna, Nigeria.

For the past five years, I have been working as a global competence instructor, Total quality management consultant, underachieving student trainer and mentor, a generational relations consultant, instructional designer and Founder/CEO of Sharzelos Limited, Nigeria (RC: 1260595) directing The Sharzelos Global Competency Program, The Setting the Standard Program, SharzelosMentors, and The “Ask a Mentor” Community all designed to equip clients with the skills, knowledge and dispositions to be globally competent.

I am well versed in the impact of the 21st century on the education industry as well as the typical concerns of persons dealing with and training 21st century youths and I have published widely in categories such as Generational Relations, Peer Education Training, empowering underachievers and Power Dynamics for the 21st century Personal brands, Lean Branding and 21st century Personal Brand Management.


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ladyzeal@asuniladyzeal.com asuniladyzeal@gmail.com

My Passion Projects

Although I have a broad range of areas I specialize in, I am most drawn to one-on-one training and mentoring of underachievers because it is where my passion lies. However, I love creating systems that allow me to reach more persons such as developing teams of strategists and leaders whose job is to provide inspiration, empowerment and promotional opportunities.

The services i typically do include:

  • Drafting personal development plans and empowerment plans for home schooled children
  • Presenting strategies for motivation 
  • Drafting Parenting plans
  • Training Parents in the art of parenting underachievers
  • Developing personal development and personal growth plans
  • Networking and linking to mentors and role models
  • Design of Customized Instructional Materials.

Some of the things i DON’T do (although i can connect
those who need them to those who do them) are:

  • Professional clinical Counselling;
  • Psychiatric assessment, or psychological screening;
  • Health Check-ups(such as is done in an hospital or by Medics).

Connect With Me

am the author of Those Students Need You – insights for empowering students who have personal issues that are affecting their achievements in school


My typical clients

  • Parents of children who are home-schooled.
  • Parents of underachieving students.
  • People starting up schools and personal development resource centers.
  • People who head schools and need to attract potential achieving students;
  • Parents who want their children to reach their personal development goals.
  • Entertainment, publishing and other media enterprises who need educational scripts.
You can talk to me-any time
I understand you may need more information about me so it’s okay to give me a call or send me an email on the form below, and i will respond as quickly as possible. I am always willing to spend up to a fifteen minutes discussing your situation without charge, and will always let you know before the “meter starts running”, if i cannot help you with your business. In that case,i will be happy to refer you to a qualified professional who can without charge, obligation or “referral fee” of any kind.
For more information about me, you can download my CV.

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