The After-School Center Setup Course

The After-school Center Course

The After-School Center Setup Course

by Asuni LadyZeal
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The After School Center Setup Course is an intensive and comprehensive program designed to equip educators with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to establish and manage successful after-school programs. Through a combination of theory, practical demonstrations, case studies, and exams, participants will learn how to address student underachievement, enhance learning outcomes, and empower students to reach their full potential.

In Week 1, participants will delve into mastering techniques for addressing student underachievement, followed by a comprehensive exam to assess their understanding. Week 2 focuses on refining the implementation of techniques learnt in week 1 through practical demonstrations, while Week 3 provides hands-on experience applying these skills to real-world scenarios.

Week 4 introduces transformative teaching methods aimed at fostering student growth and success, followed by another exam to gauge proficiency. During Week 5, participants will refine their techniques through additional practical demonstrations to ensure mastery.

In Week 6, participants will explore the entrepreneurial aspects of running a profitable after-school program, learning how to develop business plans and acquire entrepreneurial skills. Week 7 provides an opportunity for participants to craft and submit business plans and personal case submissions to showcase their expertise.

The course culminates in Week 8 with a comprehensive exam covering both theory and application. Graduates of the program will be well-equipped to revolutionize their teaching careers and establish successful after-school programs that make a meaningful impact on student learning and development.

Classes start on February 20th, 2024. For more information, please contact Asuni on 08021318286.


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Week 1: Understanding the Business of After-School Programs
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  1. Week 1 Exam Questions 11-20
  2. Week 1 Exam Questions 21-30
  3. Week 1 Exam Questions 31-40
Week 2: Mastering your Techniques for Empowerment, Underachievement Reversal, Rapid Learning and Providing Motivation
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