How does a student’s underachievement affect his motivation

reversing underachievement-Understanding Underachievement

Motivation is an important factor in student underachievement. Students who are motivated to do well in school are more likely to put in the effort required to complete assignments, study for exams, and achieve academic success. On the other hand, underachievement drains a student’s motivation. Students who are underachieving struggle to perform in line with their potential and experience a lack of motivation to reverse their underachievement.

The personal issues that contributed to the student’s underachievement may give a hint into how the student’s underachievement further affects his motivation.  The student may show behavioural patterns such as leaving schoolwork undone, having little interest in school, disdain for school authority and other authority figures, inner conflict and low self-esteem, procrastination and inability to follow through on what he is required to do.  From having this behaviours, he further loses motivation, which means that his underachievement likely gets worse over time. Also, the student’s previous motivations is consciously or unconsciously affected. And becoming motivated again purely depended on his decision.

Therefore, from this, the following questions can be asked, who is to be held responsible for the effect that a student’s underachievement has on his motivation? The parents and the teachers may try as much as they can to make sure the student stays motivated but, if he chooses not to stay motivated or intentionally displays a consistent lack of motivation, will the parent or teacher in question be able to change the situation? Also, if student is required to do some schoolwork that is designed to keep him motivated or encourage him, will the student do it? Because students have a mind of their own, it may be difficult to keep them motivated, especially as underachievers, but it certainly is very possible to do so.

As underachieving students lean towards underachievement, parents and teachers should expect that their motivation will be affected and should have calculated interventions to keep the student motivated, while working on reversing the underachievement such as the use of parenting plans and empowerment plans.


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