How student low self esteem can cause setbacks in school

Understanding Underachievement

Many students experience setbacks in school due to low self-esteem. Students who have low self-esteem may struggle to believe in their own abilities and may be less likely to take risks or try new things. This can lead to a lack of engagement in their schoolwork and may prevent them from performing to their full potential.

Similar to how a lack of motivation can cause a student to underachieve, a lack of motivation can cause the student to experience setbacks in school due to low self-esteem. When students underachieve due to lack of motivation however, it is usually deliberate while these setbacks caused by a low self-esteem and a lack of motivation, are often not deliberate. 

Research shows that these setbacks can further cause a lack of motivation which can result in students doing poorly on purpose and this is why it is important to address the impact of low self-esteem on academic setbacks. Many students face setbacks as a result of low self-esteem due to peer pressure influences and struggles to make friends or participate in group activities, which can impact their overall academic experience and success. Also, lack the confidence to take on challenging tasks or to ask for help when needed can impact student ability to succeed academically and cause setbacks.

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