How students can reverse their underachievement

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Students can choose to reverse their underachievement and commit to reaching their potential. A student’s decision to reverse his underachievement, can boost his motivation and can contribute greatly to his achievement in school and  reaching his potential. Reversing underachievement calls for a 2-phase plan. The first phase is based on changing or working on the self-image of the student and fostering an internal locus of control and the second phase is about building resilience, promoting growth and personal development.

Many students can reverse their underachievement if they get help and are committed to the process and the plan.  No underachieving student can reverse his underachievement by himself. With resilience and an inner locus of control, an underachiever can try though, but it wouldn’t be as effective as getting help. Without help, an underachieving student would literally get little results compared to the effort put in.

There are a number of strategies that students can use to reverse their underachievement such as:

Getting Help: Underachieving students will definitely benefit from getting help from trusted underachieving students’ mentor and trainers.

Setting goals and tracking progress: Underachieving students can set clear, achievable goals and track their progress towards meeting those goals. This can help them stay motivated and see their progress over time.

Study habits: Underachieving students who are looking to reverse their underachievement should master effective study habits such as creating a study schedule, breaking tasks into smaller chunks, and using study aids such as flashcards or study guides.

In reversing student, it is important that the student gets help. This may involve working with the student to setting goals and master effective study habits and providing emotional support.


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