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Congratulations you are one step away from learning “The Teachers on a Mission” Wealth Strategy for Financial Freedom.

There are two ways to begin:

  1.  I show you how you can create your wealth strategy in 40 minutes by listening to a podcast.
  2.  I hold your hand for a year and work with you from A-Z?

If i hold your hand for a year and work with you from A-Z, You will learn:

  1. How to choose a broad niche (for which you will choose your area of specialisation).
  2. How to choose the right audience
  3. How to go where your audiences are
  4. How to choose and use the right engagement style (for engaging your audience)
  5. How to choose your business models
  6. Basic marketing (offline and online)
  7. The right consulting styles and how to price your products
  8. How to plan for executing the three stages of your journey (creation stage, maintenance stage and advancement stage)
  9. How to design your products and your brand.

Plus, i will share with you best kept secrets and ideas that i learnt from trainers like Emeka Nobis, Taiwo Balogun, Richard Okere, Coach Sam Obafemi, Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze, DJ Sobanjo, Mute Efe, Victor Ekpo Bassey and others.



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