The MVP Parenting Course Manual (Free Package Included)



A Manual for a 7-Day Self-study Course for learning how to Equip your Children for Stardom, Exploits and Achievement





Congratulations! You’re one step away from learning how to equip your children for stardom, exploits and achievement!

By the time you finish reading this manual you will learn:

1. How to use the Authoritative parenting style to design your parenting plan

2. Acting as your children’s talent manager, you will learn to manage your children’s talents and skills and promote them for success, exploits and achievement in school and sports or in any area whatsoever-spiritual, financial- name it.

3. Recognize the importance of providing leadership opportunities to your children from an early age.

4. How to chose the right strategies for empowering each child based on an assessment of their long-term needs and personality.

5. How  to refine and gather your acts as a parent; earn your children’s respect and guarantee that they will turn out right in future.

Order this Manual Today and get a FREE Package:

  1. 7 Video training-one per day for seven days worth N5,000
  2. Parenting Checklist worth N300
  3. Access link to the Invite only MVP parenting group


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