Think like an Elite, Act like a Teacher

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Think like an Elite, Act like a Teacher by Asuni LadyZeal

Congratulations! You are one step away from thinking like an elite teacher.

I share with you 12 expositions for making more money and impact as a teacher and i guarantee that even if you focus on just one, it will get you a long way from where you currently are (wherever that is).

But i must warn you, each of the 12 areas is broad. So pick one or two areas and start your journey to financial freedom.

Once you have done that it is time to:

  1. Choose your audience
  2. Master the area(s) you have chosen
  3. Go where your audience are
  4. Give them free advice to build goodwill
  5. Join in on (their) conversations
  6. Sell some of your services at discounted rate
  7. Build a portfolio
  8. Become a consultant in the said area.
  9. Ask for referrals
  10. Upgrade your skills.

In order to become their consultant, you simply have to know more than they do.

Start the Journey. Get your copy here:

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