Why you should Consider an Arranged Marriage for your Children

Parenting Trends

The Generation for more arranged marriages is here. Like seriously, most marriages will need to be arranged. Parents who don’t want to be labelled old school wouldn’t try it though. 

Look around and you will find, this generation is designed and destined to be full of scatter heads scattered up and down. Respectful families are now rare. If you are in one, its hard to find another. Well, except amongst people you have known for a while. But you can’t force those children to marry each other too. But maybe, you can arrange all candidates to the same school, the same parties and the same places. 

By the way, some families do this from generation to generation.Their children roll with children of their friends. So the chances are high, they will pick a spouse from there. The key is to teach your kids how to recognise and appreciate potential mates who have values that you hold dear, putting them in a position to meet as many such persons as possible and guiding and trusting them all the way through. 

While other parents expect miracles, you will predict your children’s future by proactively working with them to create it. People get what they want not what they deserve. This is a common saying but only not every parent understands it.

Arranged marriages still exist, if you have a child in this generation, you should consider it. But you should not make it hard for your child to make a choice or try to choose for him or her. In that case, it is likely that they will build marriage on a feeling resentment for each other and the marriage itself.

Typically, arranged marriages are such that parents and other family members are actively involved in the choice of prospective candidates but the child gets to make a choice for him self from those prospective candidates with the guidance of the parents where necessary.

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