Your Children would be Judged by their Fame and Content

Parenting Trends
There are more opportunities for anyone to become famous than there were many many years ago. If you don’t create a path for your children to learn how to wield fame, they will get it, one way or another.
You see, two things matter most to this generation due to the way the world is now structured. And they are:
1. Contents
2. Fame
Look around and you will see, the internet has lots of resources and all, the whole place is filled with information, yet each information is judged by its content and how famous it is. Now who put those information there? People. And each person is judged by what he creates and how famous it gets.
By all means, children must be schooled and educated, so at least it can guide their content, character and how they manage their fame. But then being uneducated does not stop a person too. In this era, the uneducated has contents too and can get famous and that is why people do not value formal education the way they used to.
With fame and content, every child is a star. Get your children both, channel their passion and experiences to build the right content that positions your children to become famous based on values that are most important to you, so at least, they do not depart from it. If you can not do this, at least teach them to be comfortable in their own skin so that when the opportunity to become famous comes, they would not feel uneasy and unprepared.

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